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If you have a broken garage door window glass, we maybe able to replace it. We will first have to determine if the glass on your door is replaceable without having to replace the whole panel. Some windows consist of a frame with glass or plexiglass and the entire unit is replaced. Others consist of glass or plexiglass inserts that fit into the framework on the door. If your glass is replaceable without having to replace the whole panel, we can replace it with tempered glass, standard glass or acrylic glass. 

Acrylic or Plexiglass

If your garage door windows needs replacement, acrylic glass may be a good choice. Acrylic glass has become more popular as homeowners are more concerned about safety and security. Acrylic glass offers same look as standard glass but is more durable than standard glass.

  • Stronger (has higher impact strength and does not shatter when exposed to high strains)

  • Clear (optically transparent & maintains glass-like clarity)

  • Heat resistant (insulates better than standard glass)

  • UV coated and fade resistant (will not fade or yellow overtime -it does not react chemically to heat from sunlight)

  • Moisture resistant (unaffected by moisture or water)

  • Lower cost than tempered glass

Standard Glass

Standard glass has a greater risk of breaking than tempered glass and if it breaks it will break apart into larger, hazardous and sharper pieces unlike tempered glass. It is much more fragile than tempered glass or acrylic glass. Upside to replacing your window with standard glass is that it is less in cost than tempered glass.

Tempered or Safety Glass

Tempered glass resists splintering when broken and enhances safety than standard glass. Tempered Glass, also known as Safety or Toughened Glass is much safer and stronger than standard glass. When tempered glass breaks, it breaks in a "safe way" by shattering into many pieces vs the large jagged chunk of a standard glass. Downside to replacing your garage door window with tempered glass is that it is more expensive than standard glass or acrylic glass.

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