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Most modern residential garage doors consist of four or five sections that extend across the entire width of the opening, and are connected with hinges.​​​​ Garage door hinges attach to back of door in between door panels that tie panels together so the door can bend when opening and closing. Hinges on each end sides of the door panels has a mount for a roller that rides in a guide track, which combine to raise and lower the door along the guide tracks. They are small in size but hinges are essential to the proper functioning of your garage door. Should they break or wear out, opening the garage will be difficult, if not impossible. Even worse, broken hinges can cause serious damage to the door itself. Look for signs of deterioration and get them fixed before it may cause you to be faced with a lot bigger issue.

​Hinges tend to deteriorate over time and when they break cause the door to open and close incorrectly. The door hinges are subjected to a great deal of stress every time you open or close the garage. Other trouble sources are bent or cracked door hinges, or damage as the result of impact, such as someone backing their car into the door. If the hinges have not been properly maintained, they may become rusted or corroded, especially if they are exposed to unusually damp or salty air. Sometimes the screws that hold them on door panels will come loose and fall out causing same problem as a broken hinge.


When you can see you have loose, rusted, or broken hinges, it is best not to operate door until door is repaired. The longer the repair is postponed, the more likely you will be running the risk of serious damage to your garage doors themselves. Broken hinges are capable of deforming the door's guide tracks or damaging its panels, causing you to end up needing a major and expensive repair. We also recommend an Annual Door Service, where our technician will inspect your hinges and all other moving parts of your garage door and lubricate them. Regular basic maintenance will keep them functioning smoothly and prevent corrosion.

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