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If your garage door came off its track, it is best to stop operating it immediately. If it continues to operate the door can sustain more damage, the motor can become dysfunctional, and anyone around it may be in danger of a serious injury. A door off track could be caused by a broken cable, an obstruction in the railing, an impact to the front or back of the garage door, or worn out rollers.

There are few reasons that a garage door may become off track: 


  • Both of the garage door cables breaking. A garage door cable may break after years of use and natural wear and tear. Typically, a cable will break only on one side of the garage door track at a time and during the process of opening.


  • The garage door being hit by a large object while closing. Most garage doors today have sensors to ensure the path of the door is clear when closing, however, if you have broken sensors or do not have one, and a big object such as a trash can, ladder, bicycle, car, etc., is in the path of the door and makes forcing contact while closing, then it can knock the door off its track.


  • An impact to the front or back of the garage door. For example, if someone attempts to back out while the garage door is closed (or not fully open) or by driving into the front of a closed door.


  • Bad rollers. It is possible that worn out rollers may cause a door to go off the track. The rollers were designed to stay in track but if the tread part of the wheel wears down too much, the rollers may pop out of the track causing your door to become off track. Also, bad rollers can cause the cables to jump off due to the door not being able to roll up and down properly on its track.


A garage door that is off track is not only unsightly but dangerous and unstable. It is best not to attempt to move the door manually or with the automatic garage door opener in the interest of your safety and to avoid damage to your motor. Give us a call and we will get your door back on track and back to life. Attempting to repair a garage door that is off track without experience and skills could possibly cause serious damage to your property or injury to anyone around it because the door can easily fall on your car or on top of you.

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