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Repair & Service of All Makes, Models, and Types of Garage Door Openers
Chamberlain . Liftmaster . Craftsman . Linear . Raynor . Genie . Ryobi . Marantec... and more.

If your garage door does not open/close properly or does not open at all when you press your remote or wall button, first check to make sure that the outlet your opener is plugged into has power. If it is and you are still experiencing one or more of the following problems, call us for a complimentary inspection.

Below are signs that your garage door opener (or other parts of your door) needs repairing or replacement:

  • Door opens and closes slower than usual

  • Louder than normal or makes unusual noises

  • Randomly and intermittently opens and/or reverses during travel

  • Opener starts vibrating

  • Does not open or close

These problem could indicate issues such as worn out boards, stripped gear and sprocket, broken belt, or other parts of your door or opener that may have given up that we can replace to bring your door back to life.


If your overhead garage door motor has reached its lifespan and needs to be replaced, we will replace it with one of the best belt driven openers available today that fits your needs and one that will give you the best value and warranty.  If you prefer to install an alternative motor, we can provide just installation service as well.

Linear LDCO801

Energy Efficient & Ultra Quiet

Ultra-Quiet Belt Drive Energy Efficient Opener: This belt driven opener offers highly reliable & ultra-quiet operation. It also comes equipped with the ability to be on low-power standby mode to help you save on electricity and is battery back-up ready.

  • Ultra-Quiet and dependable operation

  • Low-power standby mode dramatically reduces energy consumption

  • Durable belt drive & 3/4HP with 800 newton lifting force

  • Smooth start and soft stop for ultra quiet operation powered by DC motor

  • Intelligent Self-learning, self-adjusting torque settings

  • MegaCode® Security -Over a million unique codes & configurable access levels

  • Battery Backup Ready (enables operation in case of power outage-sold separately)

  • Warranty: Motor & Belt-Lifetime, Mechanical-5years, Electronics-1year

Chamberlain B4505T

with Wi-fi® Technology

Quiet Belt Drive Wi-Fi Opener: This belt driven opener offers very dependable operation. It is also equipped with built-in Wi-Fi® enabling smartphone monitoring and controlling. Receive alerts when your garage door opens or closes on your smartphone.

  • Quiet and dependable operation

  • Wi-fi enabled (Monitor and control your garage door using smart phone)

  • Works with key by Amazon (link to key by Amazon in the MyQ app for secure delivery)

  • Durable belt drive & 3/4HP motor for heavy daily use

  • Soft start & soft stop powered by a DC motor

  • Rolling Code Security -Every click sends a secure code to your garage door opener

  • Set a recurring schedule to close your garage door or turn your lights on/off

  • Warranty: Motor & Belt-Lifetime, Mechanical-5years, Electronics-1year


The Four Types of Garage Door Opener

Belt Drive
  • BELT DRIVE: This type of opener is very quiet and offers reliable, long-lasting performance. This operation offers smooth open and soft close feature. We highly recommend and install this type because it is the best garage door opener drive available. Belt driven openers also offers quieter operation with less maintenance than a chain drive.

Chain Drive
  • CHAIN DRIVE: This opener type uses a metal chain to power the opening and closing operation. They are reliable and good in a variety of climates. Chain openers are more economical but louder and requires more maintenance than a belt drive.

Screw Drive
  • SCREW DRIVE: This opener uses a lifting mechanism that moves along a threaded steel rod. They are very powerful and are rated for heavier wood doors. They require least maintenance but is known to cause problems in above average temperatures. They are slower and not as quiet as a belt drive.

Jack Shaft
  • JACK SHAFT: This design is used for areas where a traditional opener won’t fit. For example, garages with low, obstructed, or cathedral ceilings are the perfect place for a jack shaft. This kind of openers mount to the wall beside the door.

The garage door opener uses a power unit that contains an electric motor. The motor uses a gear to drive a chain, belt or screw mechanism. These have a trolley connected to an arm, that is attached to the garage door. The trolley is pulled along the motor rail by a chain, belt, or screw. A quick-release mechanism is attached to the trolley to allow the garage door to be disconnected from the opener for manual operation during a power failure, or in case of emergency.


The garage door opener does not provide the actual lifting power to open a heavy garage door. Instead, the lifting power comes from the springs. These springs are under tension to generate torque to lift the garage door using metal cables. The garage door opener also controls how far the door opens and closes. In most cases, the garage door opener also acts like a lock when the door is closed.

Motor Types
Garage Door Openers
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