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A well maintained door and opener will operate quieter, smoother, safer and add years of life to your door. A complete preventative maintenance can also prevent many of the problems that can come about with your garage door operation. Overhead garage doors are heavy with many moving parts so they should be lubricated, adjusted and safety tested annually. We will do a complete maintenance and a safety check on your overhead door.

Services performed will include but not limited to:

  • Check door balance & adjust spring tension as needed

  • Inspect and lubricate all moving parts

  • Tighten any loose bolts and hinges

  • Check for any worn out rollers, hinges and cables

  • Check door tracks for any damages

  • Make sure door properly opens/closes on its track

  • Test force & limit settings

  • Make sure wall button & remotes are working properly

  • Make sure sensors are working and adjusted properly

  • Check motor's functioning and for worn or broken parts

  • Inspect and make any other adjustments that are needed

With regular and proper preventative maintenance, your door will operate in top condition for YEARS longer, run smoother and quieter.  Our tune-up includes inspecting the entire door system, including the weather seal, lubricating all moving parts, and checking the door for proper balancing. One of most important service performed is realigning and balancing your door. When the door is properly aligned & balanced, it promotes a quieter operation and extends the life of many other parts of your door. An annual tune-up of your garage is the best ways to ensure you will get the longest life out of your garage door as well as keeping your door safe from becoming off track. 

We recommend our clients to check for loose and worn out parts on a regular basis and lubing necessary parts every 3 months on their own. Our technician will show you how to perform these maintenance and also how to do a balance test. Your door is in need of a professional service when your door fails a balance test. 

  To perform a balance test:

  1. Have your door in a closed position

  2. Disengage the automatic door opener

  3. Manually lift the door up

A well balanced door should rise easily and smoothly and come to rest about when it is let go. If the door feels heavy and tries to drop down, your springs have lost a lot of its tension from a lot of usage and your door is in need of professional re-balancing by adjusting springs as necessary. Re-balancing your door on own can be very dangerous and you should not try to do this on your own without training and experience.


Annual door maintenance is recommended for homes that are regularly opening and closing their garage doors. If your garage door is not used often, you may be able to leave it a little longer between maintenance.

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