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Metal Garage doors are designed to be reliable, durable and long-lasting but are susceptible to denting caused by a number of circumstances such as being hit by an flying object, a person bumping into it, or a car backing out from or pulling forward towards the garage while the door is partially or completely closed. When a panel on your garage door acquires damage, it can immediately affect both the appearance and function of your door. Sometimes when your is hit by a car or an object your door may come off its track along with the dent.


Door Dent ~ Before Repair

Minor dents on your garage door are sometimes just an eyesore without interfering with the door opening and closing properly. Some bigger dents can lead to increased wear and tear on the entire system and may become a bigger problem in the future. The problem that can occur is that the dent (when severe enough) can cause issues with the functioning of the door. The dent could also cause your door to come loose from the tracks and potentially slam closed or left in open position where it would be dangerous to close it .  If you have a door that is causing operational malfunctions, it is important that you consult with a professional garage door repair company to possibly repair the damage or replace the dented panels.


Door Dent ~ After Repair

Reasons to have your dent repaired or panels replaced:

Stuck Garage Door

A dent in your garage door can potentially harm its ability to perform vital functions of opening and closing

Reduction of strength of Door 

A dented garage door may make your door to work harder and have parts wear out wear out more quickly

Exposure of elements 

A dent in a steel or aluminum door can expose the metal to corrosion or rust and cause moisture damage due to gaps in your door allowing cold/warm air into your garage.

Lack of security

Depending on the level of damage to your door and you cannot have your door closed, an opened garage door leaves opportunity for intruders in to your garage and home.

Unattractive property appearance 

A dented garage door can take a toll on the curb appeal of your home

If the garage door technician determines that your dent could potentially interfere with the door’s normal functioning, the next step is to decide whether the dents can be repaired or the panels needs to be replaced.

When we recommend to have dents repaired:​

  • If the dents are minor or not severe without cracks and our technician determines the dents can be undone after an assessment of the damage

  • Dents may be able to be fixed to look almost as if the dent never happened

  • Save your panel/door from having to be replaced saving you significant measure of money 

Depending on the type of door you have and the severity of the damage, your metal door may be repaired and almost look as it did before the damage was done. It may or may not look totally unnoticeable but our technician will be able to determine its outcome after an assessment of the dent. Many minor dents can be pounded out or repaired in a number of other ways. 

Our technician has many years of experience straightening out dented doors that could be repaired back to where the door looked before the damage was done. 

When we recommend to have panels or door replaced:​

  • In cases where the dent is either too extensive to be properly repaired

  • You want a pristine look to look brand new as if it never happened

  • Have cracks on the panels

We do not replace doors but we recommend calling around for companies that installs the same make and model of your door if you are looking into replacing just the damaged panels. Many times, only one or two of the door’s panels will need to be replaced, which will at least save you the additional cost of having to buy a completely new door.

Depending on the year, make, and model of your door, you may or may not be able to find a garage door company that can replace just the panels. For older doors that have been discontinued by the manufacturer your only option might be to replace the whole door.

If it's not obvious, it may be a difficult to decide whether the dent in the garage door mean repair or replacement. Give us a call and we’ll help you answer any questions you may have. 

Below are helpful tips that may help to prevent your door from future dents:

  • Be watchful to make sure your garage door is fully open before driving your car in and out of your garage

  • Place markers in your garage door so your car is fully in so the door will not hit the car while closing

  • Place markers near your garage door when you approach your driveway so you don’t run into it

  • Discourage playing or ball throwing near of your driveway near your garage door

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