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Garage door tracks performs a vital function of your door system. They hold the door in place and facilitates the rollers as the door opens and closes. It handles a lot of movement during opening and closing your garage door that weighs hundreds of pounds.

There are several reasons for your tracks to wear out, bend, or even break down sometimes. Damaged or bent tracks should be repaired immediately so that the garage door can operate effectively.

Garage doors with damaged tracks or loose/displaced rollers may create jerky or shaky movements and may be a sign that your tracks need attention.

Common reasons for a bent garage door track

  • Impact by a big/heavy object

  • Obstruction in the tracks

  • Broken cables

  • Daily usage

Common causes of rusty garage door track

  • Excessive moisture and corrosive chemicals surfacing the door track

If your door is opening and closing jerky or in an unsafe manner, it is best not to operate your door before the repair is done. Not repairing damaged or out of alignment track have the potential to cause damage to other parts of your door's system and create an unsafe door.


When considering repairing or replacing the tracks, it will depend on the type of damage present. We can perform repairs in cases where the tracks are only slightly bent, damaged or out of alignment. If your tracks are severely twisted, cracked, worn out, or has a lot of rust, we may recommend replacing them.

Give us a call for a professional inspection of your tracks and other parts of your system. The tracks need to be aligned properly for the door to function safely. Garage doors are heavy and can cause serious damage to property or person if proper techniques are not used when repairing or replacing them.

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