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Do you have a squeaking and rattling garage door? Vibration is the cause of most noise problems associated with garage door openers. Vibration transfers through the steel frame of the opener, and through the home's framing studs and drywall, which all contributes to the noise level. The loud noises can be either come from the door itself or the door opener. 

In addition to door service, we may recommend replacement of some parts:

  • Replace worn out rollers or metal rollers with nylon rollers. Worn out rollers cause garage doors to become squeaky. Also, if your garage door is equipped with metal rollers, we recommend replacing them with nylon rollers as they are much quieter and also do not require lubrication like metal rollers do. 

  • Damaged drums may need to be replaced. A garage door generally becomes noisy or shaky when its drums are damaged. This is one issue that no garage door user can afford to take lightly. Faulty drums have to be repaired or replaced promptly or else they can start to affect other components of the garage door.

  • Replace worn out or missing hinges. Hinges that are too rusty or too old may be beyond oiling. Hinges tend to deteriorate over time and when they break cause the door to open and close incorrectly. Sometimes the screws that hold them on door panels will come loose and fall out causing same problem as a broken hinge.

Most noisy garage doors can be silenced with a good door service and regular door tune-up. Our door maintenance/tune up service includes but not limited to following:

  • Tighten all the nuts & bolts on your door, track and opener. Over time, some of the bolts may have worked loose with daily vibrations of the garage door. 

  • Inspect and lubricate moving parts of the door. These includes top of the springs, each track, around each metal roller, hinges.

  • Tighten, adjust, and lubricate chains on chain driven opener (belts on belt driven opener does not require tightening, lubrication or adjustments)

  • Make sure your door is balanced the right

  • Make sure your door is on track

If your garage door screeches, rumbles, or bangs when opening and closing, you may have more than just a noisy door. Loud garage doors may indicate mechanical issues that should be repaired as quickly as possible for a safe and operational entrance. Give us a call and we will do a door maintenance/tune up service along with a thorough inspection of your garage door. 

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