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Garage doors that closes hard or slams shut can be very unsafe and should be taken seriously to prevent possible risk of injury to anyone around the door or damage to your belongings in your garage.

​Here are some reasons why your door may close hard or slams shut:

  • Faulty Springs - The most common cause of slamming garage doors are broken, faulty or wrong size springs. Springs hold the vast weight of your door and create tension to raise and lower it in a controlled manner. 

  • Door maintenance is needed -  If you do not have a broken, faulty or wrong size springs, your garage door maybe closing hard due to not having your door balanced. Garage Door Maintenance is the Key to Preventing a Slamming Door.

  • Tracks are Bent Out of Shape or Rollers Out of Tracks - Another possible cause could be due to having tracks that may have bent or rollers that may have came out of its tracks. Tracks are located on both sides of your garage door and houses the rollers that runs up and down. If your tracks become damaged or bent, the rollers may be forced out of them. When this happens, it can cause the door to come down very quickly and close hard.


  • Incorrect Close Force Adjustment Settings - Garage door slamming can also happen from close force adjustment settings being too high. There is a setting on your garage door opener that controls the amount of force needed to properly open and close your door. If there is too much force, the door will hit the floor instead of slowly stopping.

A garage door that closes properly is important for the safety of anyone and anything around your door. If your garage door closes hard or slams shut, give us a call to diagnose the problem and get your door to properly close.

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