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KEYPADS – Open and close your garage door without a key or a remote. It serves as a wireless and keyless entry into your garage. It can be mounted on to your desired location and programmed in minutes. It includes a cover for weather protection and keys illuminate for nighttime use. We can install and program a brand new keypad for your garage door, or help fix or program your existing key pad.

REMOTES & KEY CHAIN REMOTES – If your remote is not working, check to make sure you have covered the following possible solutions:

(1) Check lock switch on your wall button

(2) Move closer to the door (you might be out of range)

(3) Make sure that the battery is good

(4) Make sure that the antenna on the motor unit is hanging down

(5) Check to see if you have LED bulb that maybe interfering with your signals

(6) Reprogram the remote

If it still does not work, call us for a thorough inspection. We will check everything from the batteries to resetting the system and troubleshoot why your remote is not functioning. Sometimes other wireless or signaling devices may cause interference with your garage door remote devices. If you need new or additional remotes, we stock universal, liftmaster, linear, and martin remotes that we program for our clients.

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