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The two grooved circular rollers attached to the end of the torsion spring shaft are called garage door drums. Both are attached to the shaft at the top of the garage door on both sides of the opening. The torsion springs and drums do most of the heavy lifting for garage doors and allow the door cables to wind and unwind. This movement of the drum also facilitates the balance of the door. Garage door drums and torsion springs work concurrently in order to ensure that the garage door operates smoothly and flawlessly.

If your garage door is shaky or noisy, it may indicate damaged door drums. As soon as you notice that garage door drums need replacement, get it done at the earliest to avoid further damage. Additionally, a broken garage door cable drum may also cause damage to the cables, causing your door to stop operating.

Any damage to the door cable drum would affect the working of the garage door. A broken door drum must be repaired or replaced quickly to avoid further damage. The drums of a garage door have to take a lot of strain every time the garage door is opened and closed. It is important to get the job done by a trained and skilled professional as repair work is very complex and could be dangerous for anyone attempting the repair without the proper knowledge and experience.

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