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​Here are some reasons why your door may open and close randomly:

  • Neighbor's Remote - It’s rare but your neighbor’s remote could open your garage door, especially if you have an old opener. The codes transmitted by newer doors are continuously changing with millions of combinations, making it nearly impossible for someone to use their own remote to open your door. However, if your opener is more than 20 years old, the transmitter most likely has far fewer codes which could make it possible for another remote to open your door.


It's also possible that your neighbor's remote could have been programmed to open your garage door's opener when you were trying to reset/program your wireless devices if they happen to be pressing their remotes at the same time (if your neighbor has same brand opener). If you think this may be the case, press and hold down the reset button on your opener to disable all programmed wireless devices and reprogram just your devices.

  • Malfunctioning Circuit Board - Some openers have a reputation for malfunctioning circuit boards, which cause them to open and close by themselves.

  • Short in Transmitter or Wall Button Wiring - A wiring short in your transmitter can cause a continues signal to be sent. In this case the door may close fully as you drive away from your garage but may re-open when you have already left your home. You may then find your garage door up, as if someone else had opened your door or it opened randomly by itself.

  • Spare Remote - If you have a remote sitting in a place where it could be set off by other items hitting it, it could cause your door to open and close randomly.


  • Nearby Electrical Equipment - If you live near a military base, your opener could be triggered by their electrical equipment that is operating on the same frequency.

  • Thunderstorm or Electrical Surge - A thunderstorm or electrical surge can cause damage to the transmitter's electrical wiring and cause the opener to operate at random.

If your door seems like it is opening and closing randomly, first make sure that your remote is not sitting where it could be triggered by other items hitting your remote button. Then, our next suggestion for fixing this issue would be to change the code. If that does not work, give us a call to diagnose the problem. If you discover your door is opening and closing randomly, even when you are not home, it can be very disturbing.

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