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Garage doors sticking or binding is not a common problem and most doors rarely needs to be adjusted due to sticking or binding however if your garage door suddenly starts sticking or binding when opening and closing, there are one or more reasons that could be causing this issue.

Here are some possible reasons why your garage door may stick or bind:

  • Tracks have bent or shifted

  • Worn out, rusted or broken parts

  • May be associated with your opener

  • Door is out of adjustment

  • Door is in need of a door maintenance/tune-up

  • Door is in need of extra support such as a door strut

  • Door was not installed properly

  • Side seals (if equipped) are sticking to the sides of the door

  • Door has dent or cracks

If your door is sticking or binding, give us a call for free diagnosis. We can help to get your door back working properly. In addition to making adjustments to get your door back to moving freely, we also perform service check-ups and give our clients advise to help keep this from happening in the future.

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