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The lights on the door opener are indications of a problem with safety sensors on either side of the garage door or within the motor. Every door opener manufacturer has their own set of lights and codes. If your garage door opener light is blinking, there could be several common reasons:

  • Problems with sensors - Your garage door has a safety sensor system attached along the garage door track mounted on both sides typically 4-6 inches from the ground. Either something is blocking your safety sensor's

view of each other or their alignment may be off. It could also be that a wire to one or both of the safety sensors may be damaged. If the opener does not receive the right signal from the sensors, the lights on your opener will flash and your opener will not allow the door to close. In this case, your door will not close and will reverse during travel.

  • Problem with the opener - The opener is a machine. If something is going wrong with any part of the machine, you may see indicator lights. Quite often, the number of flashes and pauses can show the exact problem the opener is detecting.

  • Opener has been locked - If only your remotes have stopped working and the lights on the wall control panel is blinking, then your opener's lock feature may be set on lock, which is designed to prevent the door opening with remotes when you are on holiday or for other reasons.

  • Issues with battery - Some door openers are equipped with battery back up that allows your opener to keep working in case of power outage. When the battery life is low or has expired, it will turn on an indicator light with constant beeping sounds.

  • Wrong mode - Garage door openers have different modes besides just normal operations. If the opener is in the wrong mode, it will begin to flash the lights when you try to open or shut the door.

In an emergency you can still close the door with the wall switch if you hold the button down continuously until the door is closed. This override will only work on the wall control since that is the only control that assures the operator is in full view of the door and can confirm it is safe to close. Any opener and door have enough force behind them to seriously damage something or cause serious injuries if accidentally closed at the wrong time, so the override should only be used for emergency situations and the opener should not be used otherwise until the problem is found and addressed.

If your garage door motor light is blinking, give us a call. We will diagnose the problem and advise you what the problem is and give you options available for a repair. It may be something as simple as changing a battery or resetting the opener mode. Or, it could be a major issue with the opener or sensor system that requires a repair or a complete replacement.

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